Case Studies

Building A New Consistent Label Income Stream With Tankcrimes

Working with Tankcrimes was a really exciting opportunity as this was a label I'd been a fan of since high school. They were an interesting case as there was a large data lake to use and demand from the underground, but it had never been properly exploited.

Leveraging A New Album To Promote A European Tour For Night Demon

When we were asked to promote Night Demon's European tour we confronted a few different issues. Though the band has started to build a name for themselves in Europe their social media following isn't really big enough that we can expect there to be a critical mass of fans in Aarau or something. So what we did instead was focus on targeting relevant other artists in their niche within 25 miles of each city. READ MORE

Increasing Ticket Sales With Ads For Killswitch Engage

When we were asked to help sell tickets for Killswitch Engage's tour with Lamb of God we had quite the challenge before us. The main limiting factor on a tour like this is simply getting the awareness out there so we sought to combat that. READ MORE

Labor XII – Using Scene Knowledge & Testing To Optimize Growth

Working with Labor XII proved to be a very interesting campaign as we were able to quickly identify the right targeting - but it took cycling through a few different creatives to really get the best results. This is indicative of how most successful campaigns we have tend to work out. READ MORE

How we achieved a 37.5x ROAS

With one of our clients we've achieved 37.5x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) through a simple, easily replicable process. READ MORE

Brave The Sea – Leveraging Parody and Precision Targeting for Growth

Brave the Sea, a Celtic pop-punk band, found themselves in a unique position. Despite having a dedicated fan base, they sought to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience... READ MORE
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