Labor XII – Using Scene Knowledge & Testing To Optimize Growth

Working with Labor XII proved to be a very interesting campaign as we were able to quickly identify the right targeting – but it took cycling through a few different creatives to really get the best results. This is indicative of how most successful campaigns we have tend to work out.


We started out with early success because we were quickly able to identify relevant similar artists. We generated growth by targeting the song to fans of Seether, Sevendust, Alter Bridge and Shinedown – ensuring above average results for the entirety of the campaign. Normally we aim for $0.50 cost/conversion, but Labor XII quickly got to $.33/conversion!

As you can see testing was what allowed us to zero in on the most responsive fans and type of content – we simply took the video we were provided and meticulously tried a vsriety of parts of it that differ in both visual and sound to establish our baseline. This had the added advantage of collecting hundreds of post reactions and tens of thousands of impressions, meaning the bands increased footprint from this campaign goes above and beyond just the streams they got!

But the streams! They certainly blew up!

Somehow it gets better – the band saw a save rate of over 50% on their songs which meant people kept coming back, and it was proven when we saw the average listener spun their track more than 7 times! This is well over the average of 2-3 streams a listener. Another long term effect was a 905% boost in Instagram follower growth!


Labor XII are a perfect example of how a single Spotify campaign with a relatively limited budget can not only lead to significant growth in streams over the long term if the song is genuinely great, but also it can have a knock on effect for the rest of their careers, including on social media!

The band had this to say:

“Honestly, we’re floored. This had a MUCH greater outcome than even we expected. Which is awesome! Our instagram exploded and our streams are up like CRAZY. We had a lot of great comments… Thank you so much for this amazing work!”

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