A La Carte Services

We know that sometimes you’re not looking to spend big, you just want some specific information given to you quickly and effectively. Here’s a list of a la carte band consulting services that can help your band grow today! Please contact us for bundle rates.

All questions directed to Matt@dropoutmedia.net will be answered swiftly and to the best of our ability.

Bio Writing – $75

  • High quality band bios
  • Comes in three forms, full bio, paragraph summary and 1-2 sentence slug.
  • FREE updates with future growth of band (Within reason)

EPK Creation – $75

  • High quality and well designed press kits for pitching to promoters, labels, agents, managers and anyone else in the industry.
  • Have designed EPK’s for countless bands including doom legends Conan.
  • PDF format to ensure flexibility and ownership.
  • Includes bio writing

Assessment Document – $350

  • A GRANULAR look at where your band is at right now
  • 7000-8000 words
  • Breaks down everything from social media to songwriting by way of merch and label strategy.
  • Comes with FREE month of social media feedback

Creation of a unique 6 month plan to guide you forward – $200

  • An in depth look with actionable steps at the growth of your band
  • 10-15 bullet points per month
  • Steps based on experience with building plans for bands on big labels and with global reach.

Consulting Call – $50/30 minutes

  • A one on one call to address your specific needs and goals.

Construction of social media ads – 40% of ad spend (IE if you spend $1000 on ads we charge $400)

  • Ads setup by a longtime digital marketing professional
  • Includes consulting for best types of content to use for ads
  • Explanation provided for strategy behind advertising approach