How we achieved a 37.5x ROAS

With one of our clients we’ve achieved 37.5x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) through a simple, easily replicable process.

1) we worked with their merch store to install the artist’s pixel on there.

  • This allowed us to track specific users actions, such as purchases and add to carts, and to know the value of said actions when there’s a price tied to them (i.e. bought a shirt for $10, added a hoodie to cart worth $45 etc).

2) we set up a carousel ad like the one pictured below, showcasing a full range of their best selling products.

  • We kept the ad copy very simple,with just a call to action.
  • Remarketing to fans did not need a lot of words, as they know what to do when they see merch being advertised, and we did not want to distract them from the true goal of the campaign.
  • We let them know the merch store was now up and running, and they knew what to do.

3) we then targeted our core audiences:

  • Existing fans on social media
  • Past buyers
  • Fans of similar artists
  • A lookalike audience of past buyers (This is essentially the 1% of people in a chosen country whose buying activity most closely emulates your past buyers. Meta keeps a scary amount of data on each of us)
  • A lookalike audience of people who follow the band on social media

This quickly led to some impressive sales! While the ‘Past buyers’ audience did best at first, it quickly burnt itself out because of the smaller size, compared to the others. At the end of the day, past buyers is a very limited, finite slice of audience that cannot be monetized multiple times in the same campaign with the same products, once they’ve purchased.

Using this strategy we were able to get cost per sale on some ad sets to under $1.50, while maintaining an average cart value over $45.

The rest of these audiences though are still CRUSHING it currently! All we have to do now, to maintain this profitable, is keep content fresh, and update our ads with the newest stocked content to maintain the sales machine churning.

If you’re already selling merch, but could use a boost in making sure all your fans are aware of the fact, or you’d like to run a sale to maximize your investment, reach out to us, we can help you.

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