Increasing Ticket Sales With Ads For Killswitch Engage

When we were asked to help sell tickets for Killswitch Engage’s tour with Lamb of God we had quite the challenge before us. The main limiting factor on a tour like this is simply getting the awareness out there so we sought to combat that.

To do so we engaged in three main strategies.


With our ad copy we made sure to call out both the city and venue for every single show. This was more labor intensive, but it meant that fans were being served ads specific to them, and when they saw the ad immediately were given the exact relevant information for their show. Furthermore, to maximize ticket sales, the ticket link did not go to a general landing page but to the specific link for each show.


We focused the targeting between both people who actively follow Killswitch Engage as well as more general Facebook targeting options for similar artists in their niche. This ensured that every active Killswitch Engage fan within 50 miles of each show was shown the ad multiple times.


We ensured the ad content showcased the band performing live, quickly showing fans that attending a Killswitch Engage show would be the time of their lives.

The end result of this was for just € 912 we were able to get hundreds of thousands of impressions, reach a thousand people for under €10.

We collected nearly twenty thousand clicks at a cost of €0.05 each and dramatically raised awareness for the tour.

This positive impact on ticket sales led to a knock on effect of increasing the bands merch sales, reactivating old fans who were shown the ads and helping create an impact for them further down the line.

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