Building A New Consistent Label Income Stream With Tankcrimes

Working with Tankcrimes was a really exciting opportunity as this was a label I’d been a fan of since high school.

They were an interesting case as there was a large data lake to use and demand from the underground, but it had never been properly exploited.

What we did to grow sales was build a few core audiences:

  • An interest based audience of fans of similar artists
  • An audience based on everyone who previously bought from the label
  • An audience of everyone who has engaged with the label on social
  • A 1% lookalike audience of people who had previously bought from the label. A lookalike audience is essentially Meta building an audience that reflects the 1% of people in a given territory whose buying activity most closely emulates the people who the lookalike audience is based on. In other words – this got us a lot of punk people who would like Tankcrimes.

Then we built a carousel ad showcasing the products. It looks like this:

We tested all these different audiences and were able to generate an ad that makes consistently huge recurring income.

Here you can see we had well over 8x ROAS for months at a time, simply by targeting the right products to the right audiences.

This has been a success we’ve been able to replicate for labels consistently, allowing them to bring in a fresh new income stream. The maintenance is relatively easy too, we just need to switch out products in the carousel when you sell out or shift priorities.

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