Comprehensive Consulting

Our full consulting package costs $990 a month and includes the following:

Social Media

  • Handling all social media posting on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Development of social media pages to better promote events and the band
  • Touching up social media pages across all platforms, and working together to maintain them is a key aspect in making your band look professional. We can work together to make this as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • Coordination of targeted and sponsored posts in order to boost the potential reach of these posts.


  • A lot of this involves social media across all platforms and picking and choosing the right pieces of content to represent who you are.
  • Also involves how you plan on marketing your small runs and weekend runs and making sure it fits within your image.
  • You want your band to have a professional brand – part of that is having a team (Regardless of if you hire us or not) and that can definitely help make more people in power take the time to listen to you.
  • We would make sure to balance the unique image of your band with other genres in order to access the maximum possible number of fans.
  • We can work together to develop a great looking website too. It’s by focusing on all aspects of the band that we can optimize the potential outreach.


  • We would work together to immediately find where your music fits into the scene as a whole and figure out the optimal crossover points. We want to be able to access as large a group of fans as possible.
  • As we evolve we will help you to choose the right PR solutions for any given situation. Because we also work on the writing side of things we know all the PR agencies and can help determine the best ways to approach it.
  • One of our big focuses is content marketing so we would make sure to push that for you as well with effective and tangible content ideas to develop your brand.
  • Running ad campaigns up to $1000/month at no extra charge.

Tour booking/Show promotion

  • We have booked tours in the past and can help you build a regional presence or even get an agent.
  • We handle a lot of pretty major tours and shows and have the know how to help you to spend your money optimally to make sure that you get as many people showing up as possible.
  • We think the best solution would be weekend runs accessing key markets in your region following our trademark 12 promoter theory.

Merchandise coordination

  • We work with a ton of shirt/merch creation companies across the world and can help you regularly find the cheapest and most efficient solution for getting merch made.
  • We also work with a variety of graphic designers if you need help getting designs.
  • We can help you come up with plans to ensure the maximum possible rate of return on merchandise.
  • Depending on how much you want to invest we can determine the best path forward from a merchandising perspective.
  • The other key goes beyond shirts, event though they form the basis of most sales. We can work together to get unique merchandise options so that fans have a variety of items that attract them to the merch booth.

Team Building

  • One of our main strong points is connections to creative professionals. Our network ranges from fashion to film and just about everything in between. Having access to these sorts of people vastly increases the sort of work you can do.
  • It’s not about the team as much as it is the community
  • By working with creative professionals in both of our networks we can help to create a better end product and brand around your band
  • We want to create a community of artists and fans who are behind your band and use that to our collective advantage to drive the project forward.

Long term strategic planning

  • This is largely in regards to tours and album cycles. We have a background in organizing both of these things, and at any one time have four or five album cycles/tours going on. We can help you plan/organize the best way to execute this.
  • This also has to do with branding over the long term. It’s not just a question of getting a logo etc, but making sure that the brand is a living breathing thing.
  • It can include getting investors on board and/or record labels depending on the direction we decided to go in. A lot of it essentially boils down to financial management over a long term. We can help you determine what the best options will be for you and come up with an annual plan that will help make sure you survive over an extended period.
  • As our work with other bands grows we have deeper connections with labels worldwide. Whether or not you actually want a label is a totally different question!
  • With successive releases we can come up with a week by week breakdown of how we want to announce the music and move forward in our promotional process beyond PR. Like we said we work a lot of release cycles so we can come up with the best plan going forward for you.
  • As we get a better idea for the numbers behind your band and the goals that the band is trying to achieve we can better work out what we should be striving to do here.


  • Assessment document as to where the band is at right now
  • New EPK and updated bio
  • Creation of a unique 6 month plan to guide you forward
  • Development of tangible and actionable marketing plan for the project
  • Development of social media plan, including a list of 100 recommended hashtags
  • Working with you to identify the most relevant clubs within a 6 hour drive from you
  • Merch plan with key pieces of merch to purchase and connections to vendors
  • 3 hours of phone consultations including reaching out to contacts for optimized results
  • Discounts on various services such as PR and merch production
  • 4 eBooks
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