Leveraging A New Album To Promote A European Tour For Night Demon

When we were asked to promote Night Demon’s European tour we confronted a few different issues. Though the band has started to build a name for themselves in Europe their social media following isn’t really big enough that we can expect there to be a critical mass of fans in Aarau or something.

So what we did instead was focus on targeting relevant other artists in their niche within 25 miles of each city.

We also created ad content that highlighted how exciting their live show was, but also that there was a new album. Not only that – but every ad was made bespoke to the city it was for, specifically naming the venues and towns so that people knew exactly where to go. We emphasized that on both the ad text and the video itself.

This was a lot more work but lead to much higher direct consumer awareness.

This is what that looked like:

The end result of this was for just over $400 we were able to get 152,157 impressions, 8898 click throughs and the band benefitted from a dramatic increase in awareness of their tours. The setup is time consuming, but it’s effective in getting heads through the door!

See for yourself:

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