Ad Campaigns

This is perhaps our most high value offering. It’s great ROI for the motivated band trying to take on the world. We have variable pricing based on the scale of the project with a minimum setup fee of $350. (Note that this is before ad spend. Minimum suggested ad spend is $10/day for a month.) This fee scales up for higher budgets as that involves more work and testing. Our ad campaigns can help with:

  • Increasing Spotify streams
  • Pushing sales
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Selling tickets to shows
  • Increasing video views on both Youtube and Facebook

Separately we can build out a playlist promotion ad your music for a minimum setup fee of $450.

  • Drive traffic to your playlists the right way
  • Weaponize our research skills and knowledge to deliver the best approach to grow your playlist
  • Leverage your visuals to deliver compelling ads to potential fans
  • Find followers, not passers by
Other goals that can be achieved with ads include growing Youtube views, TikTok followers, ticket sales and brand awareness!

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