Dropout Media is a full service management and label services company run by music and brand consultant Matt Bacon. We organize marketing plans, social media, tours, album releases, merchandise deals, and just about everything else. With years of experience and a top flight, internationally based team, Dropout Media is providing solutions for bands across the globe. Some notable claims to fame include working with Phil Collen of Def Leppard on a promo campaign as a teenager,  being a crucial part of the Exhorder reunion in 2017, working with Prophecy Productions to sign Coven and Novembers Doom and even hosting his own radio show on Gimme Radio alongside DJ’s like Dave Mustaine and Randy Blythe. Listen to his daily podcast, Dumb & Dumbest on Spotify for music marketing advice!  


Dropout Media is built around three key tenets that serve to differentiate us from the pack:

-Dedicated to sharing the marketing techniques and tactics a pro level label would bring to the table using insider information gleaned over years of music business experience.

-We are rooted in DIY aesthetics and come up with solutions for bands with this in mind.

-As opposed to many of our peers we offer a wide variety of service packages ensuring interest for bands at any level.



Dropout Media Founder – Matt Bacon

Matt Bacon and Dropout Media has worked with:
Prophecy Productions
Ripple Music
Wo Fat
Lord Dying
Metal Injection
Mac Gollehon (Trumpet for David Bowie and Duran Duran)
Black Wizard
Freedom Hawk
…and many many more.