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Dropout Media founder and music marketing and management guru Matt Bacon started out in this business as a writer. As he has delved deeper into the nuances of the industry, he has written numerous eBooks covering the most important concepts and lessons that he has learned along the way.

All of Matt’s books are free for you to download. You can download his books on Touring, PR & Management, Leadership & Drive, and Merchandising here. His exhaustive guide to Social Media Marketing for Musicians and Labels is available exclusively for members of our mailing list.

What You Need To Know Before Going On Tour

Learn how to prepare for and execute a stellar tour without learning things the hard way.

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PR, Management, And You

Read about how PR and Management services should fit into your band’s operations. Make informed, sound decisions about who to hire for your consulting needs and when.

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Being The "Main Dude"

This book is for the “main dude,” the member of the band that’s calling the shots, fielding questions, and handling all of the rote administrative work that keeps your band in business.

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Merch And Your Band

Everyone knows that merchandising is a crucial part of their band’s business model, but knowing how to merchandise effectively is a rare talent. This book covers everything you could possibly need to know about designing, manufacturing, and marketing your band’s merchandise.

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