Reaching out to Matt has opened our eyes immensely. We have ten years of skin in the game and asked for some pointers as to what to do next. The guidance and suggestions he made were very helpful. Even if you think you have a handle on your hometown, he will provide you with insight and attack things from angles you probably hadn’t thought about. If you have social media marketing questions for your band, go with Matt.  

Matt Markle – Angelic Desolation

Matt has so much knowledge about the ins and outs of the underground music scene and beyond and his willingness to share the wealth is fantastic. Have done two challenges with Dropout Media and Dewar Pr to date and plan on continuing. even if you’re a musician who “knows” it all already. They’re are many fantastic tips from genuine people that might seriously give what “you know” a run for its money! Highly recommended!

William Jennings – Ghost:Hello

Great insight. Even what you know is put to you in a clarifying light. Definitely helping focus social media efforts across the board.

Sean Meyers – Gates To The Morning

Very responsive and attentive to his customers. Offering practical, sustainable, pocket friendly services and tools. A gem in this industry.

Elijah White – Heart Of Jordan

I’ve been participating in the marketing challenges put on by Dropout Media and Dewar PR. It’s been a great source in helping me tweak and fine tune my bands social media presence! Thanks Matt!

Mark Kitchens – Slow Draw