Dropout Media is a full service management and label services company run by music and brand consultant Matt Bacon. We organize marketing plans, social media, tours, album releases, merchandise deals, and just about everything else. Below we outlined some of the key services that we provide. We have worked with: Prophecy Productions, Ripple Music, Enslaved, Wo Fat, Starkill, Lord Dying, Myrkur, Mac Gollehon (Trumpet for David Bowie and Duran Duran), Exhorder, Mothership, BANG!, Black Wizard, Freedom Hawk, Atala and many many more.

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Dropout Media Founder – Matt Bacon

Full Consulting Package – $990/month

  • Ongoing partnership
  • Long term marketing strategies and actualization
  • Social Media posting
  • Guidance from longtime industry professionals
  • Booking help

Value Consulting Package – $400/month

  • Ongoing partnership
  • Long term marketing strategies
  • Guidance from longtime industry professionals

One-Off “Band Marketing Tune-Up” – $750

  • One off fee
  • Long term marketing strategies
  • Resources to build your bands brand over the long term
  • Social Media guidance
  • New EPK and Bio

A La Carte Services – $50-300

  • Get individual items from a larger consulting package
  • Deliverables tailored for your band
  • For bands on a budget

Social Media Consulting – $100-500/month

  • Three tiers – Anything from daily posting to weekly feedback
  • Focus on real fan growth
  • Emphasis on creating engaging content
  • Educating clients
  • Developed by real social media professionals